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June 23rd, 2017

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Alvaro Aya

May 20th, 2014

small batch -103 copy

small batch -101 copy

Yummy Yum Yum.

I recently discovered Small Batch Roasting Co. after searching for some coffee filters and had to buy some coffee as well. It was seriously delicious !!


June 25th, 2013

saturday morning (12 of 25)

Four Barrel Coffee SF

April 15th, 2013

Australia via SF (20 of 74 copy

On our way back to Australia we stopped by San Francisco and had a look in Four Barrel

Australia via SF (12 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (11 of 74 copyAustralia via SF (6 of 74) copy

Australia via SF (9 of 74) copy

I couldn’t believe it when I walked into Four Barrel, & saw on the wall a Boar head missing !! I instantly remembered this hilarious turn of events that I read about a while back, I didn’t remember which coffee shop that happened at & here I was standing right were it went down… the Boar Heist !! check out what I’m talking about here & here

Australia via SF (7 of 74) copy

Australia via SF (13 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (30 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (29 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (28 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (23 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (24 of 74 copy

here’s all of ’em

Van 2012

April 6th, 2012

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (38 of 106)


Maternity stores, Coffee shops and family

See all the pictures here

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Coffea Arabica

December 30th, 2011

cofea arabica
Coffea Arabica a Species of the Genus: Coffea

my new Syphon

October 24th, 2011

my new syphon (10 of 44)

my new syphon (21 of 44)

my new syphon (9 of 44)

Yama – Syphon

Out of all the cool coffee gadgets to come out of the last few years the most unusual and the most special to look at, is the Syphon. Made famous in Japan, it adds element of magic to a coffee shop experience. They would set up a bottom lit bar & while your wait for your coffee you watch in amazement as the water bubbles up a small glass & then down again with coffee in toe (see this video).

my new syphon (27 of 44)

my new syphon (37 of 44)

my new syphon (17 of 44)

because of the filter system it employes, the coffee is clean but fully extracted in what they call “full immersion” and because the extraction time is nothing compared to our French press it has left Caffeine. So if you’re entertaining and want a party trick after dinner and at the same an awesome tasting coffee, there is nothing like the Syphon.

my new syphon (25 of 44)

Rocket Eliphant

November 25th, 2010

my desk @ work

30 lbs of coffee

August 16th, 2010

30 lbs of coffee

I recently got to roast some 30 lbs of coffee it took me a few days but was super fun

30 lbs of coffee

Coffee Cup Scribbles

August 5th, 2010
Coffee Cup Scribbles
Coffee Cup Scribbles

Check out this site we just made, inspired by my random doodles on my coffee cups

The Logo

Coffee Cup Scribbles

The light box

Coffee Cup Scribbles

The Photo’s page (it’s long)

Coffee Cup Scribbles

final day’s of my Barrista Work @ Caffe Artigiano

November 4th, 2009

∞ (33 of 75) copy

∞ (30 of 75) copy

almost done.

Coffee Labels

November 13th, 2007

coffee labels

here are some coffee label’s I designed for my small coffee roasting buisness

Coffee Tasting/ Assaggio Del Caffè/ Дегустация Кофеего

August 8th, 2007

Coffee foto's from Laurel +11.jpg

Yeah last friday (the 3rd of Aug 07), I tasted all my home roasted coffee, YEAH !!
We tasted 8 different types, 3 Costa Rican’s, 2 brazilians, 1 India, 1 Panama & an Ethiopia Harrar. It was miles of fun, everyone got a bit to Caffeinated though & went crazy, it was interesting seeing everyone get into it, it defiantly wouldn’t have been as fun if i did it by myself. Plus i get different opinon’s on coffee’s. A lot of my friend’s that where not there/ invited, got all annoyed though, so I’ll have to have another one some time soon.
Coffee is awesome, but it’s a creation of God’s not to be worshipped, but i can worship God FOR creating coffee & BY drinking coffee & enjoying people’s company.
So my logo for the roasting business I’m starting up is called “Wind & Cloud”. The cloud representing the actually Coffee, because a friend of mine said ” Cloud’s are like God’s poetry” & the Wind represent’s the experience around coffee, the fact that it bring’s people together to talk & go deep. so that’s the name.
I’ve started selling them to my friend’s around the YWAM base & it’s not going too bad, except i feel like I’m dealing drug’s, the whole roasting process, putting them in bag’s and stuff it’s funny.
well enjoy life dear reader & go deep

I’m Roasting my own beans/ Je rôtis mes propres haricots/ 私は私の自身の 豆を焼いている

May 20th, 2007

Roasting beans

That’s right. I read a tutoral on Coffee Geek ( & found out that you can roast coffee in a pop corn popper. So i set out to buy one, & the first 3 stores i tryed where out of stock !! Anyway so my awesome friend Sebby helped me out & i got a pocorn popper !!
my first roast was weird tasting but i just tryed it again a few day’s later & Bam the fullness is here. they say you should have coffee like 4 day’s after it’s roasted. Anyway it’s awesome fun to do too !!

Express Espresso Video/ Vidéo Exprès D’Espresso/ 明白なエスプレッソのビデオ

January 24th, 2006

Order form

Friday night café got filmed by mister Nick

here’s the video

Breakfast/ petit déjeuner/ 朝食

January 17th, 2006

scones 2

Well after realising expresso has LESS caffeine in it than filtered coffee, I’ve wanted a Expresso Machine to limit my caffeine intake to a healthy 300 mgs a day. So i was going to go halves with mindy but a friend had one so we inherited it. It’s small and ghetto but make’s a decent coffee. Me and mindy had breakfast saturday morning to celebrate. She made scone’s that turned out really bad so her room mate helped her out and made some new one’s, it was great.

40mgs vs 200mgs of Caffeine

January 10th, 2006


I’ve been reading the Caffiene article in the National Geographic a whie ago. And i found outt (I’d also known this from other sources) that Espresso as opposed to drip or french press coffee. Has 40mg’s in a 1oz shot (like a normal cup if it’s like a medium sized take away cup it has double) and a cup of Filtered coffee has 200mgs. That’s 5 times as much !!

I also found that caffeine supposedly affect’s introvert’s more than Extravert’s (like me). Also that a healthy does of caffeine a day is aaround 300mgs, which is 5 cans of coke or 7 espresso’s or 1.5 cup’s of filtered coffee and since INSTANT coffee (the bane of my existance) has even MORE caffeine than filter coffee (i don’t know home much more) onely about 1 of those a day.

So in the pursuit of a healthier less cafinated life, A friend gave/lent me there’s and i’m making esresso in the morning now. and a filter coffee at the base. (240mg’s)

our Best "Warehouse café" yet/ notre meilleur "café d’entrepôt" encore/ 私達の最もよい"倉庫café" のまだ

December 18th, 2005


the past week we had our most bussy week EVER !! we where nonstop on drink’s for a good hour and a half !! very exiting !!

francesca the espresso queen/ francesca, la reine d’espresso/ francesca 、エスプレッソの女王/ francesca, 에스프레소 여왕

October 19th, 2005

Espresso Biscut anyone ?!

Well the espresso machine is going great and I’m starting to get the hang of it. This in the picture by the way is what the coffee grounds look like when you’ve finished making that shot. We joked about serving them as buiscut’s to people.

3 wise chai’s/ trois chai sages/ 3 賢いシェ/ 3 총명한 차이

October 16th, 2005

3 chai's

this is a sybolic foto of me and my friends Kristina & Joanna. Who
have been my close friends for the last 6 months (more so the last 3 months).

They are both off to New Zealand next week (a trip i wanted to take but had neither
the time nor money). And then Joanna comes back for a few days then leaves while
Kristina leaves straight away. They take a bit of my heart with them and i just wanted to pay tribute to them with this entry. sigh* well until we meet again bon voyage. *sjb

 huu ?! stuck in the teeth 

coffee training/ formation de café/ コーヒー訓練/ 커피 훈련

October 12th, 2005

i want a holiday

Guess What !!
I’ve always wanted to take some time off to learn how to make coffee but i just couldn’t, I’m called to missions, not to Starbucks. But God know’s the desires of your heart. So this afternoon (the sarvo) I get the oportunity to get some training in making nice coffee, with a few other people from the base, so we can have a decent Friday night café. It’s with Café Dominion (as seen in this foto) down on flinders, they roast there own coffee, and helped us buy a Espresso machine, install it for free & train us in how to use it!
I’m very passionate about coffee, if you know me at all, I’ve even written songs about it. The challenge is to continually Keep God as my first passion, above everything.
So in short God is faithfull, good and I love Him!!

C’est ci Bon/

September 26th, 2005

coffeeshop & I'm 21-1

that’s the name of the second last cafe

Josiah brought me coffee/ Josiah m’a apporté le café/ Josiah は私にコーヒーを持って来た

August 18th, 2005


“Heck yes” a famous quote of the great Josiah Ritner, who just came back from the US bearing great gifts. It’s such a good thing to have him back to help out with the video side to this department. thanks for the people around me God.