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NYC Black & White (except the first one)

November 11th, 2014

NYC 2010 (95 of 15)

NYC 2010 (103 of 15) copy

NYC 2010 (101 of 15) copy

NYC 2010 (104 of 15) copy

Happy Tractor

July 2nd, 2014

Easter in Tully-133 copy

Four Barrel Coffee SF

April 15th, 2013

Australia via SF (20 of 74 copy

On our way back to Australia we stopped by San Francisco and had a look in Four Barrel

Australia via SF (12 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (11 of 74 copyAustralia via SF (6 of 74) copy

Australia via SF (9 of 74) copy

I couldn’t believe it when I walked into Four Barrel, & saw on the wall a Boar head missing !! I instantly remembered this hilarious turn of events that I read about a while back, I didn’t remember which coffee shop that happened at & here I was standing right were it went down… the Boar Heist !! check out what I’m talking about here & here

Australia via SF (7 of 74) copy

Australia via SF (13 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (30 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (29 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (28 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (23 of 74 copy

Australia via SF (24 of 74 copy

here’s all of ’em

Some video

April 7th, 2012

Van 2012

April 6th, 2012

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (38 of 106)


Maternity stores, Coffee shops and family

See all the pictures here

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (8 of 106)Vancouver-Mar-2012 (31 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (45 of 106)Vancouver-Mar-2012 (34 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (42 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (43 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (52 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (55 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (50 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (59 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (16 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (20 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (64 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (60 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (103 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (101 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (102 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (105 of 106)

Vancouver-Mar-2012 (100 of 106)

Matt Chasing the Birds

April 1st, 2012

Matt Chasing the Birds Gif Animation

Victory on the Island

November 4th, 2011

victoria (11 of 62)

victoria (15 of 62)

victoria (12 of 62)

victoria (20 of 62)

victoria (5 of 62)

victoria (4 of 62)

victoria (6 of 62)

victoria (25 of 62)

victoria (14 of 62)

victoria (7 of 62)

As seen here

New York Trip

October 22nd, 2011

The World from a different point of view/ Le monde d’un point de vue différent/ 世界違う観点から

January 30th, 2007

Los Angeles >002

I just found this AWESOME colection & display of statistics !! check
this out !!

my first reel from the Action Sampler/*

November 12th, 2006


In the lovely country of Austria, I bought myself a lomography Action Sampler !!! It has 4 lenses in a square formation that take the foto a 1/4 of a second apart, thus it captures movement & animation.

check them out on my flickr.
oh & p.s. this is a foto of my friend Katharina Flagmire & her boy friend in Germany !!

I’m back in Australia/ Je suis de retour en Australie/ 私はオーストラリアにもどって来る

November 6th, 2006

back in OZ > 015

So I’m in the Brisbane Airport right now waiting for my final 24th flight of the trip too Townsville, then a 2.5 hour drive to Tully so i can go to Mum’s 50th Birthday party !! It’s weird to be in Australia again, surrounded my Aussie’s. I’m not used to the coins being worth so much i have 11 dollars worth of them cause i kept using my notes thinking the coins where a bunch of Quarters, Dimes & Penny’s from the US & A. But i had a FLAT WHITE at a random place & it was awsome !!! & a LATTE aussie style, which has more foam than in the State’s, sometimes when i ordered a latte at places i would just get hot milk, with no foam whatsoever !! & the Airport is FULL of espresso machine’s !! it makes me so thank full for the Italians who brought those machine’s & know how over here !! a crappy cup of coffee here is actually good !! & drinkable !! it’s weird !! but awsome !! So I’m home, back to work on Monday, that feels weird. WIERD.

so all my exiting blogging travel adventure is over so the blog will be updated less frequently from now one but don’t stop reading it if you are !! please !!

my last day in LA/ mon dernier jour en LA/ LA の私の最後の日

November 5th, 2006

my last day in the US of A*068

So the next morning my friend Bryana Mason from Long Beach, picked me up in here black Dodge 1500 Ram !! it’s a beast !! i expected something like that though, it’s been fun being driven around in all the different types of cars & train systems. So Bryanna took me to the coffee shop she works at, & her friend there has a nice looking Mustang that would make my sister Amanda jealous !! yeah so she took me to Hollywood & because of what she calls “LA traffic” we went to the airport after a lot of time in the car & hung out in the international terminal for a while & then i left on my 12 hour flight to Auckland & brisbane eventually. it was weird to leave the US & A as Borat say’s. tear tear.

San Diego for a day/ San Diego pendant un jour/ 1 日サンディエゴ

November 5th, 2006

San Diego >002

well my beautiful friend Sara drove me down to San Diego in here Toyota Tacoma. & we stopped half way & had lunch with Dave Smith !! which i wasn’t expecting & it was cool. Then on to San Diego & La Jolla pronounced La Hui-ya & my long lost friend Katrina Joy Seckel & her new hubby Justin. i only had that one night with them, but it was great, there an awsome couple.

the orange county (OC)/ le comté orange (OC)/ オレンジ・カウンティー(OC)

November 5th, 2006

Los Angeles >013

yes laddies & gentile men it was my second time in the LA Airport but my first time in the OC, that stands for Orange County, it’s the county next to LA, but from the sky it just looks like one big massive city !!!! SO my Friend Sara Ristow !! took me to Santa Monica first !! which was exiting cause of the Everclear song i used to know. “we can live beside the ocean etc…” so i stayed in Costa Mesa with Sara & another friend from DTS Sarah Jenkins, & they treated me to some fine times in the OC. We had dinner with the great Joey Paynter as well & went to Rock Harbour Church, it was cool. i went swimming in the pool too my first time swimming in a cold pool for like 4 months !!! i loved it !!!

North California, for one day/ La Californie du nord, pour un jour/ 1 日北カリフォルニア、

November 5th, 2006

San Fran *189

after a full 11 in the morning till 11 at night, a ferry, two busses & two planes later i got to San Jose & my friends Joanna Orpia & Kristina Olsen !!!! I flew southwest airlines which ROCK !! they are the cheep airline but still have a free drink, & i flew Air Canada down to LA cause they canceled the United flight, Oh & i was unimpressed with LAX, it’s not that nice at all, even the international terminal (which is better than the other ones) Anyway it was late when i arrived but we went out anyway & i got hot wings !! & smelled them & almost died, they smell stronger than they taste. Anyway so the next day we adventured of to San Fransico, the beautiful red bridge (Golden Gate), we went to peir 39 & had Clam Chouder it was divine, then Irish Coffee, & we went to Ghiradelli’s they make AMAZING caramel syrup that we use in Australia, but in san fran they just made chocolate & icecreams. um. we went to the city too & to this masive Mac store !! & all these people where riding there bikes in a line & stopping trafick for like 15-20 min. um. & then we went to my friends friends birthday party it was a 80’s theme & me & Kristina where the only white one’s !! then i had to leave because i suck at realising travel time’s etc. tear tear tear.

Victoria, & the canadian Island of Vancouver/ Victoria, et l’île canadienne de Vancouver/ バンクーバー及び神秘的な霧

November 5th, 2006

Victoria (23)128

Well my old best friend from DTS “Erin Patmore” lives on the quite full of old people Island of Vancouver & the city of Victoria, i think they named it after the australia state ?! (just kidding) Captain James Cook actually went to Victoria back in the day, He musn’t of liked it & left to find Australia !! Anyway Victoria’s cool my friend works as a tour guide on a nice old horse & carrage so she told me heaps of random facts. & this one night we went to a sick italian resturant & they had live musik !! oh & i bought to much stuff as usuall, & my friend Erin’s Cat is cool !!!

Vancouver & the misterious mist/ Vancouver et la brume mystérieuse/ バンクーバー及び神秘的な霧

November 5th, 2006

Vancouver* -(035

well i (past tense cause i got over write so much & just waited until i got home) flew into the great 2nd largest land mass nation in the world CANADA !! eh !! it was cool, the lugage took a while but the airport had cool artwork all over it. My friend Sarah Topa was waiting for me at the arrivals hall (which is always a GOOD feeling) & we went off to her University (the University of British Columbia) we where followed closely by a fog though it was weird. So yeah Vancouver is awsome !! the most consentrated amount of starbucks I’ve seen so far (Chicago comes in at number 2) & there’s Asian’s everywhere, but not with Australian or asian acients (well some did) but canadian/Asian accents, it’s unique. We went to this sushi place that rocked. oh & then we hit Granville Island the next day which rocked, i found JJ Bean coffee there !! & we decided to have a european dinner of bread, cheese & salami. I was shocked at the cheese prices though, in Switzerland it’s soooo much cheeper. Anyway then we went to the city walked around, had some bubble tea (cocconut) & i left for Victoria on Vancouver Island the very next day. i had to take 3 different bus’s which took like 1-2 hrs + a 1.5 hr ferry ride to the Island. & that’s all i have to say about that. Sarah you rock.

it snowed in Colorado/ il a neigé dans le Colorado/ コロラド州で雪が降った

October 21st, 2006

Mile high Denver 076

That’s right I’m here in Denver, Colorado & it just snowed last night !!!!! I’m here visitiing my friend Sarah Wagle & her husband Ross, I’m sleeping on a couch outside. It’s been AWSOME !! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA !! we went up the mountains to go to a spa but the snow picked up & we had to leave but i got to walk around while it was snowing & it was really cool !!!! & i wasn’t that cold, i felt colder in Wisconsin, cause here there’s a sun out most of the time (exept when it’s snowing obviosly) well I’m off to vancouver with a new bag cause my old one got sooo thrashed, i lost a wheel, handle, multiple zippers & the small top zipp up part (with my paint brush & keys & random other things in it !!) But it’s all good. I’m sad to leave, i’m traveling toooo fast !! it’s crazy !!

Chicago & Madison with the wonderful Passehl’s/ Chicago et Madison avec le Passehl merveilleux/ すばらしいPassehl のシカゴ及びマディソン

October 20th, 2006

Chicago* -063

after a kind of early start & a short stop at Krispy Cream in Atlanta i made it to CHICAGO !! & i saw my old friends & newly married Cory & Brooke Passehl. We hung out in Chicago for a few hours, which was awsome !!!! We found intelligentsia Coffee & Tea randomly, which I’ve been wanting to go to since Australia !! & then we took off to Wisconsin & the city of Madison where Brooke & Cory are doing the School of the Bible with YWAM Madison. i stayed in a Fraternnity house that YWAM owns for oversea’s Christian students. & hung out there for a few days it was heaps of fun !! & i saw SQUIRRELS !!!! They where everywhere !!! & sooo cute !!!!!!!!

the Alabama Auburn Tigers/ les tigres auburn de l’Alabama/ アラバマの金褐色のトラ

October 19th, 2006

Auburn Tigers (178

well last night i went to an AMAZING BLOODY AWSOME GAME OF FOOTBALL !! Auburn beat the Florida gators 27 – 17 & it was all the second half & all the defence !!! Auburn’s defence came back in from the half & the first drive the gators had (it’s great to be a gator hater i said *repeat) they got no wear !!! & they go to take the punt & the kicker drops it, Auburn picks it up & get a Touch Down !!!!!!! it was awsome !!!!!!!!!
then the defence got an Interception a few plays later, the offence did nothing with it. but thanks to the defence the Gators stayed down there end until the very end where the last drive it was 4th and 10 & they sacked the Quater Back & he fumbled Aubbrun picked it up & sealed the win by running it into the end zone !! we all went wild !!!!!!!
but it didn’t end there, all the Auburn fans walked up to a different part of the city where the band was going off & all the students where thowing toilet paper all over the tree’s so it looks like snow, it was a great atmosphere, & on the walk back to the car you shout “WAR EAGLE” & you’ll get a “WAR EAGLE” back everyone was doing it.

I’ve got Georgia on my mind/ J’ai la Géorgie sur mon esprit/ 私は私の心のジョージアを持っている

October 14th, 2006


well i just got into the United States of America, i was worried cause of what these germans told me about getting in, but it was easy !! The guy that did the letting in was cool. On the interstate i felt like i was in a movie !! I’m staying with Grant & Shanika, some new RTO friends & everything is just fresh & new & weird, it’s awsome. I’m going to an AMERICAN COLLAGE FOOTBALL GAME !!! TONIGHT !! (saturday 14.10.06) !! so that’s awsome !! Yesterday i went to a mall, & this guy called Blake tryed to convince me stuff in stores here is free & you can just take it out of the store, i went to American Eagle, Abercrombe & Fitch, Starbucks, Chickfila, Waffle House & other random American stores it was soo cool.

Germany land of trucks on the Autobahn/ Terre de l’Allemagne des camions sur l’autoroute/ アウトバーンのトラックのドイツ土地

October 13th, 2006


i only got to spend the best part of a day in the beautiful Deutchland, but it was awsome anyway. Katharina Flagmire, is who i visited & her family & boyfriend. the first thing i noticed was on the autobahn there was three lanes, two where slow & full of big trucks & the far left lane was the 140 + lane, we got in it a bit it was awsome. then i had breakfast, followed closely by lunch, where Katharina’s 16 year old brother drank beer (yes it’s legal at 16) & his mum was there, it was so normal but not. we went out to see random german things in the neigbourhood, i slept in the car a lot & people kept asking if i was tyred. um so yeah that’s about it. oh we went to an HUGE burrial site for these rich old people (all dead now) & the roof was spectacular !!!! um then we also saw some Nordic Walkers, there just middle aged ladies walking with ski poles, it’s the latest craze in Europe. Well then i left for Genéve or as the germans say GENF, & got my passport stamped for the first time since Sweden !! then i spent the night in Burtigny with some old SD friends, then of to Atlanta via Frankfurt at 5 am !! long day, my flight was from 10.00-14.30 because of time changes, but actually to 10 hours !! p.s. frankfurts airport is huge & rediculous, small airports ROCK !!



Austrian beaches/ Plages autrichiennes/ オーストリア浜

October 12th, 2006

Austria 062

Austria 040

I flew into salzburg & got the train to Vienna & got metro to Meidling & the train to Möedling, where i meet my friend Alex. Then he took me to his house & i meet Nicole & in the morning i meet Paula there beautiful daughter !! it’s soo good to be with old friends again !! You remember how cool they are & get to experience there life for a little while. They have no kitchen right now it’s awsome. So they live only 20min from Wein (Vienna) & it’s an awsome city, not to crownded but still big & clean. It was nice & sunny & i wasn’t that sick anymore, but i got some more long pants anyway so i can be warmer. & my austrian friends Alex, Nicole & Paula treted me to an awsome time of traditional things & false statments about there being a beach in Austria. Oh and at another flee market i got this really nice bag & some aviators.

Austria 054

Austria 043

i was sick in belgium/ j’étais malade en Belgique/ 私はベルギーで病気だった

October 11th, 2006

Brussels 026

well i stayed in belgium with my friend florence, flo for short & just crashed there in bed for a while, it was relaxing/ annoying but great. I saw the quick tour of brussels on the last day it was great. & i went to waterloo where Napolean lost, there’s a big mound there it’s crazy. & we hung out in a university city near my friends place, & watched a movie, i tryed belgium beer & we saw some of the uni students trying to move up in the ranks by doing the stupid things there older uni friends told them to. random.

Sweden, land of red houses & old rocks/ La Suède, terre des maisons rouges et des vieilles roches/ スウェーデンの赤い家及び古い石の土地

October 2nd, 2006

random Sverige 085

I’m in Sweden !! a country full of swede’s it’s great !! My friend Toro is quiet the tour guide. I landed in Västeräs, his home town & we checkout out some old viking rocks & burrial grounds. Then we checkout the city, cause it’s old school but preserved. & the big thing to do in the 1900 was too paint your house red. Driving around it feel’s like australia at times it’s weird, it’s autumn which is a first for me & pretty cool. So then we went to Uppsala, a large uni student city where toro lives. & today we go to Stockholm for two & 1/2 days. All in all it’s an amazing country !!

pray for me i couldn’t sleep last night(30th-sept) much, cause i straigned my back & sholder muscles durring clean up day in Burtigny & i have to travel carring heavy bags. Plus now i have a fever & am coffing my lungs up

random Sverige 008